Company History

RL Associates is a small, woman owned business located in Yardley, PA. It was established by Dr. Richard Billmers and Ms. Elizabeth Billmers. Dr. Billmers holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry with a specialty in laser spectroscopy, and Ms. Billmers holds a Master of Science in analytical chemistry. Prior to founding RL Associates, Inc., their research included combustion diagnostics, characterization of light scattering in ocean water, designing LIDAR systems for ocean water surveillance, and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for missile counter-measures.

RL Associates incorporated in 1996 and has been faithfully serving our governmental and commercial clients ever since. RL Associates has been awarded four patents, with two still pending, for several optical designs and Lidar components.

As our main focus is research and development, our efforts have been sponsored by the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs at the Naval Air Systems Team, the Office of Naval Research, NASA, and Department of Homeland Security. In recent years, several of the technologies developed by RL Associates have progressed closer to independent funding by prime contractors as well as insertion in the relevant platforms.

Our work has been successful enough to transition fully half of our Phase II contracts
to Phase III.

Our recognitions include:

  • 2009 featured company in “Highlights”, a NASA publication showcasing
    the successes of its programs.
  • The 2007 National Tibbets award for outstanding SBIR achievement.
  • Featured in the Dept. of the Navy SBIR Success Stories for several
    of our SBIR contracts.


As a vibrant research and development organization, we are constantly seeking self-motivated individuals with 3 or more years experience in the following areas:

  • Optical Ray Tracing and Design using Zemax
  • Mechanical Design using such software as Solidworks or Pro-E
  • Control of laboratory equipment using Labview
  • Lasers, light sources and optical detectors
  • Optical testing in a laboratory environment
  • Basic electrical skills

As with any employment, proficiency in written and oral skills is a necessity.
Command of Microsoft Office (Power Point, Excel, Access, Word) is also considered essential.

Feel free to email your resume and qualifications to rbillmers@rlassociatesinc.com. We will hold them on file to use as we deem appropriate for our growth.

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Key Personnel

Elizabeth Billmers
Qualifications Summary: Ms. Billmers has been president of RL Associates, Inc. since 2000. As president, Ms. Billmers is responsible for directing the efforts of all RL Associates’ divisions and sites, contract compliance and Laser safety. Ms. Billmers is a certified ISO 9000 quality auditor providing corporate-wide product quality oversight. In addition, Ms Billmers has completed the Occupational Safety Compliance Program (OSHA 30-hour card) and serves as the safety officer of RL Associates. She has been involved with the development of optical components for several different Lidar systems. Ms. Billmers is responsible for experiment design, implementation and data analysis. She has co-authored numerous articles and is named as the co-inventor on several patents and patents pending.

Richard Billmers, PhD
Qualifications Summary Dr. Billmers is Vice President and CTO of RL Associates, Inc. He has been involved with component development for Lidar systems, particularly optical filter technology, for over 20 years. Before founding RL Associates, Inc. with his wife, Dr. Billmers worked
for the Navy at the Naval Air Warfare Center. His interests include the development of state-of-the art optical components to improve the performance of various Lidar systems. In addition to stated expertise in holography and optical filter technology development, Dr. Billmers is currently involved in developing a miniature Lidar system for firefighters/first responders. He also has developed Cavity Enhanced Magneto-Optic Rotation (CEMOR), a new technique for spectroscopic determination of highly reactive radical species in flames and combustion environments. Dr. Billmers has co-authored numerous articles in the fields of laser spectroscopy and is the holder of patents and patents pending for several optical filter technologies.

Mary E. Ludwig
Qualifications Summary: Ms. Ludwig has over 7 years of Mechanical Engineering experience in the field of electro-optics, designing complete systems and system components for remote sensing applications. This experience includes design of prototype systems, design of experiments for testing system components, fundamental research on system operating environments, and algorithm development for image processing and hardware control. She is currently the Principle Investigator on two projects. Ms. Ludwig is the co-author of numerous articles in the fields of laser spectroscopy, holography and Lidar systems. She is the co- holder of patents and patents pending.